[LPC] Low Profile Concealable

The Low Profile Concealable Carrier [LPC] offers lightweight fabrics with dynamic performance capabilities for superior comfort and performance. The name says it all, this low profile carrier is sleek and ultra-concealable. Accepts all GH concealable panels. Nylon diamond ripstop, sleek and durable dynamic knit fabric inner lining. It is moisture wicking, anti-microbial and odor resistant. Front and rear dual 5×8”/8×10” trauma plate pockets (female 5×8” only). Removable 6- and 4-point strap kit for multiple configurations. Full width 6” front and rear loop for optimal adjustability. External panel load offers easy access and eliminates uncomfortable body-side seams. Panel suspension for proper alignment prevents sagging and curling. Available in stock and custom sizes.

Colors Black, Dark Navy, White, Tan

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Available in Male and Female designs.

Accepts all GH soft armor panels.


[LPC[ Low Profile Concealable CarrierProduct Guide – LPC Carrier


Available in stock and custom.

Plate Pocket:

Front and rear dual 5×7”, 5×8”, 7×9”, 10×12” trauma plate pockets (size restrictions apply).


#000000, #000033, #D2B48C, #FFFFFF